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canon mx922 not chrome compatible


Purchased canon mx922 off amazon because I was let to beleive it was cloud compatible which is only a half truth. Work great as a printer but forget the scan feature. Will not work with Chrome  OS . Please tell your customers this.


+1, very frustrating experience. Cannot figure out how to use cloud print without the printer erroring out.

Hi amirefrat,


  1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.
  2. Press the MENU button.

    The menu screen is displayed.

  3. Select Web service, then press the OK button.

    LCD and Operation Panel

  4. Select Web service setup, then press the OK button.

  5. Use the UPDOWN button to select Cloud settings, then press the OK button.

  6. Select Google Cloud Print setup, then press the OK button.

  7. Use the UPDOWN button to select Register with Google Cloud Print, then press the OK button.

    • If you have already registered the machine with Google Cloud Print, the confirmation message to re-register the machine is displayed.

  8. When the confirmation screen to register the machine is displayed, use the UPDOWN button to select Yes, then press the OK button.

  9. Use the UPDOWN button to select a display language on the print setting screen of Google Cloud Print, then press the OK button.

    The confirmation message to print the authentication URL is displayed.

  10. Load A4 or Letter-sized plain paper.

    Loading Paper

  11. Press the OK button.

    The authentication URL is printed.

  12. Ensure that the authentication URL is printed, use the UPDOWN button to select Yes, then press the OK button.

  13. Perform the authentication process using the web browser on the computer or the mobile device.

    Access to the URL using the web browser on the computer or the mobile device and perform the authentication process following the on-screen instructions.

    • Perform the authentication process with your Google account which you have gotten in advance.

  14. When the message that the registration is complete is displayed on the LCD of the machine, press the OK button.

    When authentication process is complete properly, the registration items are displayed. When authentication process is complete, you can print the data with Google Cloud Print.

    Printing from Computer or Smartphone with Google Cloud Print

    When authentication process is not complete properly and the error message is displayed, press the OK button. When the confirmation message to print the authentication URL is displayed, print the authentication URL, then perform the authentication process on the computer again.

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Hey Arthur,


I tried that process several times, but the printer won't connect. It gets stuck at step 8 every single time.


I found a few articles that suggested changing the DNS IP address from automatic to manual, and tried that as well, but no luck, still can't register with cloud print.


Any other ideas?





Hi amirefrat,


It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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When I bought my first mx922 it was capable of most of the things on the carton, but not all of them with Chromebooks. Canon feature/spec sheets have so many footnotes that they can't be trusted without a lawyer - AND - their terms of use say they can change features at any time.  


The mx922 was Google Cloudprint compatible and could scan to Email/Gmail, which made it fully compatible.

I believe it was also able of scan to cloud, but I never used that service. Until the last year, Cloudprint did not offer multile pages per sheet, and never offered booklet mode or selcting between grey scale, B/W, and color.  


A year or so later Canon ended support for print to email. No reason given just gone. Six 6 months later a frmware update removed the option from the hardware menus.


Now Google is ending the Cloud Print service, and Canon's older printers, which never had decent web servers, are not WIndows compatible with any standard network printing protocol, will be completely incompatible with Chrome OS.  Some are compatible Android Pixma/Print Selphy app.  It's not a terrible app for phoens, but it lacks multiple pages/sheet and booklet mode, it just added duplex - 7 years after the app was introduced in 2013, and still doesn't support booklet mode. 


If I were using Windows or Apple, I'd probably be happy with Canon. The only issues I've had when using WIndows were printhead failures.  But I switched to Chrome OS to escape Microsoft's proprietary OS and software clutches only to be trapped by Canon's proprietary print protocol. 


Now Google's dropping support for third party products that aren't stadard's based.  I can't blame them for that. It's a PITA to maintain support for thousands of hacked-together printer drivers and Google has been taking the heat for their poor design.


But I will never buy another Canon printer.  I'm looking at Epson ET-2700 series now because as far as I can tell EVERY Epson printer made in the past 10 years is Chromebook wi-fi compatiple, not because they design for Google, but becasuse they design to a standard. 


I don't mind being limited to Chrome and Chrome OS restrictions because they are standards-based and the Chrome OS is based on open software with some enhancements. There are many things I don't like about Google.  But Chrome is more widely used than Windows, so it will outlive me. Apple has changed kernels and Microsoft will in the near future, but neither of them will ever make their OSs open for examination for discovery and correction of the many major flaws in their fundamental designs, as Google always has.  


Finally, Google is so successful that its single company is being looked at as anti-competitive.  Imagine that. Anti-competive is now a synonom for sucessfully competing aganst Microsoft, Apple and IBM using open standards and exactly the same practices that they have used for decades.



The problem now is that Google abandoned Cloud Printing in December, and there is no Chrome O2 driver for the MX922 printer. This is very frustrating. There may be a "subscription" service that will route print jobs to the printer, but it seems ridiculous to pay $100's every year to use the printer with a Chromebook. Canon should really fix this. 


Google's only to blame becasue they gave Canon an excuse to not update their printer firmware.


The actual problem is Canon. 


Every mass market printer maker by Canon saw the writing on the wall when Android and Apple "smart" portable devices took off and surpassed PC sales. Canon's software for these has barely changed since Android 5. They didn't even offer duplex printing in tne Pixma app for the mx922 until 2020.  


Until very recently Canon insisted on using proprietary drivers and PC/iOS software to deliver their published features, and the specs for PPM, print and scan resultion still cannot be met with their Android app, even though 3rd part apps like Printbot have for several years. 


Canon's cheap-cheap embedded webservers didn't have enough RAM to support ipp or ipps, to fix any of the chronic issues, like sleeping on the job so soundly they needed to be wakened manually, or being unable to send scans to the cloud or by email from their  "home office" MFPs.   (They still don't, not even in  the G-series.)


If they had spent the money to build in a socket and a small (2GB) internal SD card  to hold the firmware,  Canon's Android print "service" and various OS apps wouldn't have been needed.  The pennies saved omitting $5 of flash could have been recouped in having one set of internal printer software to support. It's pretty inexpensive to have one server software delevoped for a very elaborate "future" model and pare it down compared to a hardware manufacturer constantly needing to develop,test, and support multiple servers. But it's apparently impossible to change the mentality of Canon has from a decades of constantly creating new firmware to support every new friggin' model camera. 



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