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Canon MX920 not compatible with AirPrint?


I've had a horrific time getting things to print and scan all of a sudden. A couple times recently I've had to restart the printer itself, but that seemed to be all that it needed. Now my Mac, iPhone and iPad are not recognizing the printer. I went to Apple's website and it lists Canon MX922, but not Canon MX920. Is this printer no longer compatible with Apple devices?

I've also gone through all the troubleshooting I can find and all the posts I could find in here, but I'm not getting anywhere. Please help.



Similar problem with an MX-926.  Has worked for years with my iPhones via AirPrint.  Now it will either say it’s going to print, and then print nothing.  Or will only print half a page.  Firmware updated and latest iOS, same thing.  It started straight after an iOS update so I am strongly suspecting it’s an issue with that…but there has been several more updates to iOS since.  I know the printer works because my Windows pc doesn’t have an issue printing to it.  Very frustrating problem.