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canon mg2550s not recognized

canon mg2550s not recognized freshly bought canon mg3650 not recognized anymore as of 11 18 2021 canon mg2550s not recognized by windows also trying it on another pc laptop still doesnt detect it windows 10 x64 simply doesnt ssee the device iv bought it becaus i thought my 3650 wasnt working turns out its an windows 10 issue why isnt this fixed?

microsoft doesnt care i lost 3 hours talkign to support for nothing there is no way to contact canon regarding this and i cant edit my post , very lame, and very sad to see, utterly unnaceptable you lost me as a customer , shameful 1 canon 3650 stopped working last month for reasons unknown and the other 2550s boght to see if my usb ports ( lol ) were dead, or the cable or the printer was, turns out the second printer doesnt work either, good job canon pathetic performance either way its not my fault.


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