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MP280 printing perfectly fine cannot scan

Hi Good morning, My issue is here, recently I switched from my old HDD to a new one, before that I have no issue working with my PIXMA MP280 printer.  But when I try to open the Canon MP Navigator EX I get an error message " Cannot start MP Navigator...

My printer Canon MG5270 suffered from Error B200

Hi! my printer Canon MG5270 suffered from Error B200, i did follow the method that provided to others' prob of the error B200. However, the problem is still here which makes me feel very frustrated. Also, i went to buy two of the inks(M&C)  to re-ins...

Pixma MG5320 6A81 error

printer displays 6A81 error as soon as it is turned on.  have checked several times to make sure there are no paper jams, foreign objects/debris, blown interior out w. compressed air, checked/cleaned  purge unit pads/wipers, and checked to make sure ...

azander by Apprentice
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How to network a Pixma 510 Scanner function

Hi, I have a Pixma  510 print/scan/copy. it would be really useful to network the scanner function . Very small home office of 3 users all W7 Pro, print networks through a Thomson gateway USB port successfully. As we have a lot of docs to scan it wou...

alanb by Apprentice
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