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MG6320 smudges every print

I had a major paper jam in my Canon MG6320 printer, and after I cleared it, I started getting black smudges on every page that I printed. I have run all the maintenance items repeatedly: Bottom Plate Cleaning, Roller Cleaning, Cleaning and Deep Clean...

PIXMA TS6320 Foreign objects

Error message continues to pop up stating “turn off printer and turn back on. Look for foreign objects in printer”. I have taken the entire printer apart there is nothing in the printer. Everything appears to run fine when starting up but as soon as ...

Pixma MG2522 1300 & 1203 error messages

This printer is several years old, and honestly , it has been more of a burden than anything! Just been trying to print **bleep** photos and I keep getting the 1300 paper error message. The yellow blinking light flashing 3x. I've checked several time...

Riggs by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA TS3522 Error message 1651

I have a Canon Pixma TS3522 printer. It was working great for the two months I had it and then after I cancelled my subscription for ink I cannot get it to print nothing. I keep getting this error code of 1651 which has something to do with connectio...

PIXMA G6020 printer won't print from cassette tray

I am having the same issue with Outlook on my G6020; no matter what settings I have for the printer (duplex, letter, automatically choose paper source), it always wants to print from the rear tray. If I go into prefereinces from within Outlook, it ha...

rborgner by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

canon mg7520 loose power cord

I just bought the canon mg7520 and was curious if anyone else noticed my issue.  The part where you connect the power cord in back seems to have play in it or somewhat loose.  Does anyone else have this issue as well?

PIXMA iP7250 Slow Printing & Fast Ink Usage

I have had this printer for 2 years.It is the worst printer I have ever had. It takes a five minutes to start then takes for ever to print a page.Also ink cartridges are used up at an incredible rate.  I checked ink levels and the yellow had about 12...

Resolved! PIXMA MX922 Has Stopped Printing

I have a canon Pixma Mx922 printer. I purchased ink cartridges from a online ink cartridge company. After placing the new cartridge in the printer it gave me a error message:support code B200 see manual and contact canon technical service department....

CB27 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

PIXMA MX492 Printer Manuals in Print Form

I need a copy of the manual for Pixma MX492.  It is for my Mom - she is 88 years old and NOT computer literate.  She doesn't understand how to download anything or view PDF files online.  I attempted to print one, but it is more than 1000 pages and I...

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