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Scanning a document

I have a new Pixma MG 3620. I need to scan a document into my computer and then email it. How do I do I do this. I selected documents in the My Image Garden and saved as a PDF, but how do I pull it up from my computer. I tried browsing for it when I ...

Software swap

Can the 5300 series software work with a 6800 series printer. The new software that came with my 6821 has been stripped down and I find myself having to perform 5 extra steps than before, just to scan and e-mail invoices.John  

jadmiral by Contributor
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error 6001 in canon mx922

error 6001 in canon mx922 I follow the instructions,i turn the power off ,open the output tray and unplug,then plug it back on and still keeps getting the error message.pls. help what will I do?

I seem to have lost my Blue Wifi light.

Had error B200Cleaned the printhead but now I have lost the Blue Wifi light.I have a permanent Amber colour light but no Blue light. Could this be a simple cure? Is there a separate fuse for the Blue light? Can I get a breakdown image to check this o...

MG2440 pixma not power on

MG2440 pixma not power on My printer canon MG2440 not power on, press the power button power signal light is on (green light)Release the power button power signal light is off How can I fix it? I hope you can help me to fix my printer problem...Thank...

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