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PIXMA TS3400 Will Not Stay Turned On

I have a TS3400 and it will not stay turned on. I have the "always available" checked on the menu but it turns off after a certain amount of time. I need it to stay on 24/7 for when I work at home. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 

Canon Printer MX922 printing blank sheets

I have a Canon printer MX922 and it has recently been "printing" blank pages. It goes through the entire print behavior but the page comes out blank.  This may happen two or three times in a row and then it will print the page properly.  I have run a...

Canon G3260 - photos are yellow-ish

I just got a Canon G3260 and am underwhelmed by the photos I have printed so far. I've tried a few different types of pictures and each one seems kind of yellow-ish - especially where they should be white, they have more of a yellow tint. I'm printin...

vilas01 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Chromebook/Canon MG2522 Compatibility

Hi, i researched printers before i bought the Canon MG2522 and i saw a article that said that even though this printer is not Chrome OS compatible that i would be able to print using the USB cable; so, i purchased it and now i am in great fear that t...

BtSIC by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

PIXMA TS6420a Driver Needed

I am trying to download all the drivers for the printer into my Lenovo Ideapad and it sends me a message  stating  "A driver supported by this software is not installed.   Can I fix this or is it because of the model of my Ideapad?  Sure wish I could...

Resolved! PIXMA MG3620 Unable to Scan

 The scanner says  warming up  but never connects to the printer to start scanning  it  gives this  code  after timing out.   Box  says  ScanGear    The Scanner  is not available  while  in use  by another  application  or user  Code  5,206,8 Nothing...

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