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Canon TR150 - Last second - zig zag printing



Just bought this TR150, and I'm printing smaller 4x5.75 invites. I've already printed around 700 invites, without a problem, and have replaced the ink, with no problem. I have also  already cleaned everything and did a realignment and did all the tricks of maintenance for the printer.

The grey tab when I load the invite stock is aligned to fit the dimensions, and the bottom tab is set to the correct paper type.

(The issue that just started) - In the very last second of printing each invite, the printer has like a tick (makes an odd noise) and the invite shifts left in right inside the printer and the text comes out printed on a smeared angle. 

Also - it seems ink is lightly dripping (and subsequently smearing) on the bottom left corner, when there should be no ink as nothing is being printed in that corner. 

Kind of weird - because it just started doing this after working smoothly. Any help or insight would be appreciated as I need to get this thing back up and running! Thank you! 


Product Expert
Product Expert


Based on the information and the steps you have take, I recommend you reach out to Canon support at this time. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you.