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Updated Image Garden software and encountering problems





I have a Canon Pixma MG5520 Wireless and purchased it about 5 years ago. I recently updated my Image Garden software and now when I try to scan and save documents as I used to do they don't show up on Image Garden. I get a message that says something like "you cannot open that file because you do not have permission."


Also, I cannot find any of my old files, particularly the PDF docs I had saved.  


So, 1) How can I get my scanner working and saving so I can access my documents again?


and, 2) Where are my old files?


Thanks for any help you can give!!!




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi janengland,


So that we can best assist you, please let us know version of Windows or Macintosh is installed on your computer? We will also need to know if you are scanning directly from the printer or from the computer using IJ Scan Utility.


We look forward to your reply.


Thank you for your reply!  I have a Mac with a Mojave MacOs 10.14.3


I put the document I want scanned face down on the printer, then click on IJ Scan Utility 2.  The printer scans the document but doesn't make the same sound it udsed to while scanning.  If I click "exit" after the scan it takes me to Image Garden where I used to be able to see what I had scanned and easily create a PDF Document .   Now I can only see the documents if I choose the "Pictures" tab - the PDF tag is non-existent and/or greyed out.


I still have the original software I have that came with the Canon printer.  If I try to reinstall the original software will the printers' function work like it did when I originally bought the printer?


Thank you for your help!!!



Hi janengland,


Please open IJ scan Utility and then select settings. Once you are in settings, click on Document on the left side of the screen and then let us know where the save in location is set to ( #2 are in the photo below)


figure: Settings dialog box 


You can reinstall the printer on the computer but I would click HERE to open the support page and open the current drivers. You would want the CUPS and ICA scanner driver.


We look forward to your reply