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U052 Printhead Problem MX870


Stopped printing while in the middle of a big job with full ink tanks, then when turned back on, gave the dreaded U052 print head error message.  I have tried everything given by Canon to re-start the printer, nothing works.


It dawns on me that maybe my ink tank stopped feeding ink despite the tank being full- the vent hole might not have been open all the way to allow ink to pass through.


I'm wondering whether this could somehow mess up the printhead, maybe it needs ink to keep it cool during operation or something??


It's completely aggravating that it stopped as it has and now that prevents even the scanner or fax from working-- this seems like a bad design.


Does anyone know whether the print head can be messed up if the tank stops feeding ink while in the middle of a print job?


Thanks!  And if you know that answer, then what do you do to get printer working again??




This "solution" DOES NOT WORK.  I have tried it 15 times, the printer still comes up with that same error message.


What's worse, it DISABLES THE ENTIRE PRINTER -- I can't use any other function.  I have been left high and dry because I have desperately needed to send scanned contracts out and there is no way to do it.  I have had to rely on my partner to send me photos of the contracts so I can continue with business.... Canon has produced a terrible product because a simple failure puts the entire machine out of service, not just the failed print head mechanism.  Horrible design, terrible software or hardware installed control system. 


You even told me that purchasing a new print head won't fix the crazy thing.  Who the heck designed this crazy piece of junk?


How do I get it it replaced or repaired?   Moderator Note:  Removed personal phone number per forum guidelines.

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There is a life for the print head and I would assume it's programmed to fail, just after the warranty period has expired.


Decided to join the global chorus of disgruntled, disappointed, cheated and unhappy users of Canon MX870, all entries regarding Error U052 on Canon MX870 are relevant to my experience with my MX870, nothing I have done has rectified the dreaded U052 Error but interestingly enough one entry mentioning the use of 'chip counter' by the Crook CANON INC. simply affirmed what I have long been suspecting and that is Canon Inc has predestined the demise of every product that Canon manufactures !!!


Years ago when in business I kept wondering how on earth Epson knew that I was a user of its printer, it turned out that once the printer was connected to internet (during the wireless set-up) it was the beginning of the constant bombardment of OEM Ink online advertisement along with a constant reminder of 'Unless OEM is used it would void the warranty etc etc ...', the same must have also happened to my beloved MX870 which will soon head towards the bin in the most disastrous manner to our fragile environment, yes I am guilty as a result of Greedy Crook like Canon Inc.


In addition, also mentioned in this forum which infuriated me the most is the disposal of brand new ink purchased in bulk !!!


Been a Canon printers user for decades and now a definite switch of allegiance to another brand, I thank this forum and its participants, the next brand will not be connected to internet and to those reading this post I would also like to share my experience about OEM Ink which is one of the biggest scams on the planet, the only OEM ink cartridges were the ones which came in the box, for decades I have Always used generic which can be bought cheaply in a bottle of 100ml or 250ml, hope you are all aware of this.


Cheers & Cheers to the demise of Canon Inc globally.


having the same problem on my mx882


The MX870 is a piece of junk.  I trashed mine and got a Brother MFC-J1010DW.  I love it!   I will NEVER purchase another Canon product.

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