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TS7720 won't print after Print Plan cancellation


I tried the Pixma Print Plan for a month, but my print volume is much higher than the plans support, and the cost doesn't make sense, so I canceled it. I never installed the cartridges included with the plan. I just tried to replace the starter cartridge with a cartridge I purchased, and I am getting Error 1651 that "The printer is still unable to communicate with the server and cannot recognize the status of the cartridge". It's a genuine Canon cartridge that I purchased outside of the plan.

Here is the information about the error code I am receiving:

Thanks in advance for any ideas. 



Hey there! 

I'm not a tech, but it sounds like maybe your printer is still connected to the PIXMA Print Plan (PPP), so it wants the PPP cartridge. This could be for a couple of reasons:

  1. Once you cancel PPP, you're still eligible to use your entitled allotment of prints until the end of your billing cycle.
  2. Somehow the printer still thinks it's enrolled in PPP. Make sure it's connected to your WiFi, and that you've unenrolled it from PPP via your My Canon Account. You can double-check that here: 

Just for reference, here are the Terms of Cancellation

I hope this helps!

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your response. The issue arose at the end of my billing cycle. My account shows that I don't have an active subscription. I am guessing that you are right that my printer thinks it does. I will do a support chat during business hours and hopefully a tech will be able to get to the bottom of this.