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TS5351i Cropping image border


Hi, purchased a TS5351i , I'm happy with quality etc the issue I have is printing 4x6 ins post cards, the image shows a border on the outside of print layout yet when I go to PRINT, the border disappears, if I choose borderless it brings the image in from the border. If I go to custom frame size and click 4x6 ins it states invalid size ? I tried changing the size still invalid size. All I'm trying to do is place a small coloured border around the outside of the post card.Screenshot (569).pngScreenshot (571).pngScreenshot (572).png




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The TS5351i is a printer intended for sale in the EU.  Paper size support

Rear Tray: A4/A5/B5/LTR/LGL/20x25cm/13x18cm/10x15cm/13x13cm/8.9x8.9cm, Envelopes(DL,COM10)
[Custom size] width 55mm - 215.9 mm, length 89mm - 676mm

Front Cassette: A4, A5, B5, LTR
[Custom size] width 148.0 mm - 215.9 mm, length 210mm - 297mm

" the image shows a border on the outside of print layout yet when I go to PRINT, the border disappears, "

This is expected.  You can select a paper size of 4x6in, (10x15cm) but your Custom Frame Screen Size has to be smaller in order to fit the Printable area of your paper. Selecting borderless does not change this. You will need to reduce the size or scale of the image so it fits the printable area of the paper size you select or specify. 

Canon : Inkjet Manuals : Easy-PhotoPrint Editor : Custom Frame Size Screen  


Try reducing the Photo Cropping size incrementally.  Let us know if this helps.

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Hi Rick, Thank you for the quick response, I'm away at the moment but I shall attempt to follow your instructions when I get home. I've been using Canon Pixma for many years but I'm afraid the difference in this model to my older version is immense 🙄 Thanks again