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TS6320 printer


Hello Everyone,  I've just recently bought a Canon TS6320 printer for home use and I'm having trouble printing a page that will be a complete page without a little of the right hand side of the page missing.  I have a statement that I've been trying to print out and it seems like everything I've tried doesn't help? Can anyone help me with this please?  Thank you





Windows or MAC OS?  Which and what version?


What application(s) are you printing from?


Do other pages print normally, or are all pages "missing" a portion of the right side of a printed page?


We need more information to help identify the issue.


Bay Area - CA

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Hi,  I apologize for not giving you all the info you needed.  I'm using Windows 8.1 as my OS and yes other pages have the same problem. Thanks



Make sure that the correct paper size is being specified in the print menu of your software before printing.


If the issue persists, please clarify if this issue occurs when you print from any program or if this is only happening when you print from one specific program.  Also, what programs does this issue occur with.


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