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TR8620a The printer is offline


I've had this printer for almost two months.  All I did was take my laptop with me to another location and hook up to that printer.  I've done this a lot before.  I came home and no matter what I try, I can't print.  I'm connected to printer is also connected, to the same wifi network.  I've tried everything on Canon's support pages...unplugging printer for 30 seconds, restarting everything, checking drivers, retyping wifi passwords, making sure vpn was off, and a myriad of other suggestions.  Nothing is working.  

To make matters worse, I can't even get specific support for this printer because it isn't on ANY of the lists on Canon's website!  And there's no assistance over the phone because it's just a pixma all in one.  

I had no trouble setting this up initially.  But I even tried deleting it from my system and starting over.  



We're sorry you're having an issue finding the help you need for your printer.  


If you'd like to speak with support, you just need to call 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). When the phone system asks what product you have, tell it you have a PIXMA TR8620A - it should then verify your model and get you through to an agent. 


If you'd prefer online help, you'll find the support page HERE.


You can register at - where you'll get personalized support by creating or logging into your My Canon Account.


Then, along the left side, tap "Product Registration."

In the search bar, simply type "TR8620a" - it will pre-fill the exact printer model like so: