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TR4520 Scan-to-pdf does not scan backs of pages properly. How to fix.

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Problem: I have a 16-page document with printing on the front and the back. It scans the fronts properly. I rotate the documents and re-load them into the document feeder. The output pdf does not have the back-side prints on the backs of the pages.


The steps shown here have been extracted from the replies of shadowsports and Danny.

The steps assume a 4-page document, not the 16 page document referred to above.
1. Define the scan settings
TR4520 scan-to-pdf duplex settings.jpg
2. After scanning the first side, it will display this:
TR4520 scan-to-pdf duplex prepare to scan the other side.jpg

Remember that the example documents has 4 pages. Page 1 is the first page, page 4 is the last page. Pages 2 and 3 are not relevant to these instructions.

3. These images show what you would see in the document feed:
a. After scanning the first side completes.

TR4520 scan-to-pdf duplex placement before rotate.jpg

b.What you would see after you rotate for the second pass.
TR4520 scan-to-pdf duplex placement after rotate.jpg


4. After the scanning completes and is saved to a pdf, the necessary printer settings are shown here:

TR4520 scan-to-pdf duplex printer settings.jpg


The Commonly Used Settings>Grayscale show will vary depending upon what you have defined fo your printer. The Duplex Printing setting prints the contents of the front and back of each page on a single sheet of paper.












Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi pwrichcreek,

When you are finished scanned all pages, the Canon IJ PDF Editor should appear.  Do all of your pages appear correctly scanned in that application?


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This time all the pages look good. I didn't knowingly change the steps I took to do the canning. It's possible that I had not been rotating the pages properly. There is, however another issue that I posted, it is... ('m getrting the name of the other post), stay tuned