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Canon Pixma G3260 Wont Print Black Pictures!!


Hi everyone, this is my last effort before giving up on this printer. I got my G3260 about 2 days ago. everything ran perfect on it except for it's ability to print black photos. It seems to only have trouble with photos as when I printed a test page using the driver software on my computer, it printed a perfect vibrant black on my glossy inkjet paper. So I know that the printer can print black just fine, and I know that the wifi connection between my computer and the printer isn't corrupted. But when I use photoshop, word, or even my iphone. The printer prints all blacks as a dark purple. Just to make sure that the images were actually black. I printed the same image with the same software to my hp printer and it printer black just fine. So I've narrowed down that its not the printer, not my wireless connection, not the image, not the paper, and not the software used to for the image "photoshop, word, etc", the only thing that I think could be causing this issue at this point is my color management settings or print settings. I've tried using greyscale and different paper types but it still prints in dark purple rather than black. I've messed with the variables in these settings and tried the default settings as well but I still cannot find a solution. If anyone could help me out I would very much appreciate it. Thank you and have an amazing day!!!

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