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Support Code 1403- install Correct Print Head?- I have a pixma MG5522


I have never had any issues with this printer until now. It wont let me do anything and says I need to Install the Correct Print Head. It was bought with all origional pieces? What do I need to do?


I seen someone else post about this issue and I followed there guidlines but they had a slightly different printer and didnt have the same interior as mine.


I restarted the printer, took out all the ink cartridges as what was said to do and looked for the grey lever they were talking about but I dont think mine has one?


Any way the printer is still on support code 1403 so someone please help!




sorry, was pulling the whole tray. Got the head out. will try to reinstall. 

3x, carefully. Processing... error code 1403

Hi CarArt,


If  the error persists after reseating the print head, it is recommended that you contact live technical support at this point. There is NO charge for this call. While we understand that forum may be the preferred method, the real time feedback of a live technical support agent would be very beneficial in your case and allow us the opportunity to more efficiently assist you. Please call our special toll-free number at (866) 261-9362 for support. Representatives are available to assist you Monday - Friday from 10 AM to 10 PM EST (excluding holidays).


Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions or concerns.


This didn't answer your question or issue? Please call or email us at one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.


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Contacting Canon tech support does nothing other than waste time. They will tell you to reseat the print head and turn it off/unplug and restart. That's it. Most people on the forum will be past that point. The support people seem to be reading from a menu and really can't offer any additional help.

It seems pretty stupid that just because the printhead has problems that I can't use things that don't use the printhead (scanner, fax, etc) - in fact my MX922 is now a brick because I can't get past the 1403 error and won't do anything until that is done.


Oh, and I Canon was going to offer to sell me a new printhead, but they are BACKORDERED - but don't worry, there isn't any issue with the printheads 😉


Then they did offer some sort of loyalty discount if I bought a new thanks.

Yesterday 2 of my MX922 got the same error. I have 6 of MX922 total, and I replaced printhead from working printer. After 10 pages (!) printer broke that prinhead too! First problems came right one month after warranty expiration date.



Just fixed one of the broken printer. I can not understand the logic how to get in the "Settings", but sometimes printer allows you to push "Menu" button. Then go to "Maintenance" -> "Auto head aligment"and now printer doesn't have that stupid error.


The same printhead, same printer - just one aligment and error gone. It means nothing wrong with printer and printhead! Hey canon how do you explain that?


UPD Same error again after 25 pages Cat Mad Cat Sad

I have the MG5520 printer with the dreaded 1403 error code. I have tried cleaning and reinstalling the printhead, but neither has helped. Tried to follow other suggestion on here about running the printhead alignment in maintenance mode but I cannot get my printer into maintenance mode. I have no "menu" button per say, there is the Home button and the 3 buttons below the display to move around in the menus. So i need help clearing this code or at least a way to get into maintenance mode to try something! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Been trying to clear this code for weeks now.

Cannon support delete my messages here about my method to fight with 1403 Smiley LOL insted help us Heart

Try to do next steps:

1) Remove all cartridges and trays

2) Diconect power cord

3) Connect power cord and turn printer on

4) When printer turned on - probably you will get messages about cartridges.

5) Install them, put tray with paper back

6) Push Menu button, than go to Maintenance -> Auto Head Alignment

7) It will take 5-10 min and you Done!


For my printer I get 1403 every 500-1000 pages. Cat Mad

I've done these seven steps
But I could not get in Menu
What to do
My printer is  mg5540