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Support Code 1403- install Correct Print Head?- I have a pixma MG5522


I have never had any issues with this printer until now. It wont let me do anything and says I need to Install the Correct Print Head. It was bought with all origional pieces? What do I need to do?


I seen someone else post about this issue and I followed there guidlines but they had a slightly different printer and didnt have the same interior as mine.


I restarted the printer, took out all the ink cartridges as what was said to do and looked for the grey lever they were talking about but I dont think mine has one?


Any way the printer is still on support code 1403 so someone please help!




Hi msn123,


Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thank you for your inquiry!


We appreciate your participation, however, we need to let you know that the Canon Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.


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@angrycustomer wrote:

Cannon support delete my messages here about my method to fight with 1403 Smiley LOL insted help us Heart

Try to do next steps:

1) Remove all cartridges and trays

2) Diconect power cord

3) Connect power cord and turn printer on

4) When printer turned on - probably you will get messages about cartridges.

5) Install them, put tray with paper back

6) Push Menu button, than go to Maintenance -> Auto Head Alignment

7) It will take 5-10 min and you Done!


For my printer I get 1403 every 500-1000 pages. Cat Mad

Thankyou 'angrycustomer', what a brilliant fix!  Had all but given up on my MG7550 with this error code, having tried several 'fixes'. This one really did the trick and so easy. Very many thanks, youve saved me a fair wedge of cash. Really pleased, just got to clear the backlog of printing and scanning now!


So, I just got mine working!!!!!!! Not with the steps provided here though. I have a pixma MG5410, everything original and i got the infamous 1403. The steps provided here did not work. However, i took the printer head completely apart, gaskets, plastics etc, and cleaned it with cotton and alcohol until there was no visible ink in the cotton. I put it back together and gave the contacts a good scrubbing with cotton and alcohol. There seemed to be some sort of green residue on it. I put it in and voila!! Works like a charm. Hope any of you find this helpful


MG7520 just died with this error. I printed a one page school form successfully. Then I reprinted it, and the error popped up. 


I tried the reseat procedure twice. I even cleaned to contacts on the print head and the pins on the printer main body, but neither had any effect. 






Replaced the cyan ink cartridge as it needed new one. Went to print and got error code 1403. Have tried cleaning print head thoroughly, have tried entering auto head alignment on re booting, have tried replacing all cartridges, have tried switching machine off and pulling plug for ten minutes.... alll repeatedly and have to now admit defeat.


Machine is 29 months old with extremely little use,,, it's very much a third machine lept for occasional A3 prints.


Have now carefully placed printer on top of rubbish bin. What a waste of earth resources!


Canon MG7750: same problem. I've removed and cleaned the printhead, changed out all of the cartridges, unplugged, restarted, tried everything except actually replacing the printhead.


No joy - the 1403 message reappears when the printer starts up.


This is not an old printer and has only ever had regular but low volume use. What a waste of space! Is this built in obsolescence? It's ridiculous that this stuff lasts a couple of years at best before critical errors and failures occur.


If you sell me junk you're getting junked - Canon is off my shopping list as of today.

Once you get the error, think paper weight. Like mine barely used. This subject/similar post has been on for... years surely, conservatively and Canons response is still no response/auto, trim “Comments”.

In other words there is none economically viable. Or Coming. Ever. Paper weight.

Mine is a year old and is doing the same thing.. what did anyone do to resolve it

This same thing happened to me. I can't fix it, it will cost more to fix this than buy a new one. This is ridiculous. I'll make sure not to buy another Canon again. My Canon before this simply stopped working as well with some ridiculous error. Not again, Canon.

I bought a really cheap Brother and it has worked fine (and I can get cheap generic ink). The absolute riculousness of the canon error is sad. Let's make a multi-fuction printer that won't do any functions if there is a printhead error. Why not scan? WHy not fax? Why not be able to be fixed? Oh, you can try to fix it but there is no gurantee of the fix working, so more money down the drain.