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Scan Issues with Canon Image Garden


Has anyone who recently updated to Mac OS 11.6 had any problems with the scan function on a Pixma printer, specifically a MX922 using the My Image Garden application? For more information about the issue I encountered, please read the following description.


When I scan a document on my Pixma MX922 to my iMac, the My Image Garden application automatically opens and a thumbnail of the document is displayed. I then choose the location for the document and save it as a PDF. This has worked flawlessly for years. Today (9/18), however, several error messages popped up indicating I don't have "permission to access the folder in which the scan result is saved," that my "printer or environment does not support this content," and that My Image Garden "cannot display the screen for downloading PREMIUM Contents." I believe the PREMIUM Contents referred to in the last error message relates to Canon's Creative Park Premium content service, for which I don't have a subscription. I checked all my settings, restarted the computer and printer, and uninstalled/reinstalled all of the Canon software and drivers, including those for the IJ Scan utility and My Image Garden, but to no avail. The only thing that has changed in my system is an update to Mac OS 11.6. This is the urgent update Apple released on September 13 to address a couple of security issues. I'm wondering if among the many possibilities for my issue is that Canon has not updated the printer software, utilities and firmware for OS 11.6. Anyone out there with the same problem?


P.S. - I've had no problem with printing.