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Receiving Faxes MX 922


I'm having trouble with my Verizon fios and my new Canon MX 922 all-in-one printer.  I cannot receive faxes.  The faxes sent to me sounds like fax but it just beeps. When receiving a fax, I MUST pick up the handset at the printer in order for the fax machine to pick up and receive the fax. What's supposed to happen (on Telephone Priority mode) is the fax should pickup either when handset picked up, OR answering machine picks up. If I let the answering machine pick up I cannot receive faxes from the other telephones in the house all I hear is a constant beep.  Then the fax does not answer and ends after the answering machine picks up. I have turned off call waiting  and Verizon voicemail. Again the fax tone comes through but all I receive our beep tones and my fax machine does not pick up. It worked just fine on my previous Samsung printer.


Does anyone have any suggestions or help?  Verizon says everything should work with their system including faxing. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello jzlako.


Additional testing will have to be done to narrow down the cause of your issues.  Please contact our support group over the phone at 1-800-OK-CANON.  A live agent will be able to send test faxes to the unit to ensure that it is set up properly.

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Be sure the answer machine is physically connected to the back of the printer. In tel priority mode, the printer needs something to pick up the line for it to recieve faxes. Also, be sure "user friendly reception" is turned on in your "recieve mode" menu. This would be under "advanced settings" when tel priority mode is selected.

Hello!  Thank you for the reply regarding my MX922 and receiving fax issues.

I was finally able to resolve the issue and still move the answering machine back into our bedroom. 

Everything works fine now.   Your tips were helpful and spot on. 

Hello -


I too am having the same problem as you stated.  I also see that you found a solution to this problem but  would like to know  what you actually did to resolve it.

I have a MX892 and my answering machine is in the kitchen and the printer is in one of our spare rooms which we ue as an office.  I managed to receive 1 fax about 2 months ago and yesterday and today was unable to receive any. I get the same beep sounds that you mentioned but no fax.

Any suggestions and what you did would be greatly appreciated.




Hello, what I did specifically was to actually connect the telephone into the back of the printer as the canon online instructions suggests. The telephone is a VTEC wireless telephone. I followed the canon online instructions and hooked up the telephone wires from the wall outlet to the line side of the fax machine. I came out of the fax machine and went into the telephone which sits right beside the printer. I went online to my online Verizon account and turned off most of their online voice messaging options. Such as call blocking, anonymous calls, etc. I also have hooked up into our bedroom a very old RadioShack answering machine using its instructions. It is set to answer at four rings the standard default. I am using telephone priority as my setting in the MX 922 multi-function. Ring to answer on the printer is set to five. I went online to and sent a test fax to the house. This way I didn't have to bother someone to send me test faxes. Be sure to check your Verizon or Comcast account and overview the telephone and answering machine settings etc.. I can still use most of the Verizon telephone answering machine settings if I want to but I rely mostly on the RadioShack. I can also still use the HDTV set top box to see if I get a call to the house when I'm watching TV etc.

Good Luck…



One more thing I forgot to tell you. I have a second wireless telephone set up in the kitchen from Vtech. That way I don't have to run to the computer room to answer the telephone. I can still answer the telephone from any of my telephones in the house.

Thanks for your quick replyJzlako.


I have everything set up up like you said except I don't have the phone on the printer only the main phone line In. This all worked about a month or so ago and now I get the beeps instead o fthe fax.

One thing I note is that my answering machine rings 2 times then caller id comes on and mentions the caller 2 times, then the default message comes on. I am going to check then total time this takes cause I read that the msg should be no longer than

10 seconds. Or the caller id is causing a problem and I need to take that off.

At least now I see what you did and some idea on what to focus on....


Thanks again..


To jzlako or anyone else who has figured this out.


My situation is that I have a multi-handset wireless Panasonic phone in my house.  Just by luck, I happen to have two base stations.  My MX922 is in my detached office with one of the wireless extensions.  Does anyone who has figured this out think that I might be able to plug the spare base station into the printer, but be able to answer any of the extensions to receive a fax?

Hello, in my situation, specifically, the base unit of the telephones had to be placed next to the fax MX 922
machine/printer. I tried numerous setups including different telephones mixing and matching same brands and different brands of telephone/faxes and and I had no luck getting it to work without placing the base unit of your telephone set right next to the printer just like the instructions said to set it. I then was able to plug into the printer and then telephone base unit and everything worked properly secondary or remote handset. I set my ring count for our ancient RadioShack voice answering machine at 5. Despite the fact that  previous brand of printer  had no problem with faxes before, it took some trial and error to get the fax to pick up properly. You might want to check with your cable provider and make sure you have some of your call blocking features turned off etc. you can usually do this from your online account yourself. I was able to leave on my Verizon account caller ID which still pops up on our TV but you may have to experiment with some of those features. I usually use one of the free fax services online to send test faxes to our printer. That way you do not have to ask someone to send you a fax when you troubleshoot.


Good luck

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