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Print with Operations Panel closed?


Can anyone tell me a way to leave the Operations Panel , on my new TR8520 CLOSED, and still print?

How FAR does it need to be "open"? ( 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees?)


I print infrequently, and the protruding OP really clutters up the desk.  Plus, it seems very flimsy, and bounces as you push the screen "buttons".


Has anyone tried to bypass whatever sensor shows the panel is open?


I might be able to understand pulling out the print tray, although the 7 year old printer I just wore out never required me to do so.  It was very nice top leave the tray pushed in, if only printing 1 or 2 pages, and leave the desktop less cluttered.  But, I see no reason for the required movement of the OP. 


Now, this "new" Canon means I cannot leave my OP closed, or my tray pushed in.  Leaving the OP open is just asking for it to be damaged, as other items are moved around in the workspace.  I cannot print from a device located in another room and pick up the print copy later.  I MUST first walk to the printer and make sure my OP is open, and my tray is pulled out.  This is a REALLY poor design, and going backwards in terms of convenience.


There seems to be no point ( no space inside is saved, nothing protrudes into the printing space, etc.) in opening the panel.  It only makes the touch screen more flimsy, and it CERTAINLY clutters up the desktop.  I thought the panel, as displayed "open" in advertising pictures, was only an option ( possibly for a viewing angle).  Most of the pictures I saw showed the panel lit up and still closed, which led me to believe the printer would actually work with the OP closed. This is how every other printer I've owned worked.


If there is no solution to leaving the OP closed, I will NEVER buy, or recommend buying, another Canon product like this.  It is almost a guarantee this flimsy "open" panel will break prematurely.  Right now, I would even return this unit for a refund, if I could.





I can confirm that the touch panel does have to be open in order to print.  The few inches required wouldn't pose any significant problem (for me), but maybe I have a larger workspace.  I can't really comment on build quality.  Its a $70 printer and does quite a bit for the money.  Copy, fax, scan, print (photos too).  If you are worried about breaking it, maybe you need to re-evaluate your placement or location decision.  Face it in another direction, etc.



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