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Pixma TS9120 Printing Weird




My printer normally jams itself frequently when printing double-sided so I got annoyed and changed to printing single-sided. When I did that the printer began performing weird. First, when it starts, it spits out an entire blank page slowly. Then it pulls a new page through most of the way. Here 1 of 2 things happens: (1) it sits for a second then claims the cassette is empty (2) it begins printing except in the middle of the page and continues onto the next page coming through resulting in one page being split onto two sheets. When I cancel the print it sits idle for a few seconds, then brings another page through most of the way. Then reuptakes it as if it were printing double-sided (effectively jamming itself) and spits the ruined sheet out partially even though it's stuck. When I pull this last page out it has ink splotches on the side where the printing head rests idle. I've restet all settings, unplugged it for a night. Tried printing different document to little avail. And run the cleaning cycles. Anyone have this issue before?



Check how print preview looks like before you print also check if you dont have any windows update to do i had similar problem probably but on other printer

Check this topic maybe it helps 

Everything says it's updated, and the print preview is fine as well. It splits the print between two pages cause it puts the page halfway out first then starts as if it were at the top. Thank you for the advice though!

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi lgual,


Please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:




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