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Pixma TR8520 won’t print draft with Mojave - Apple and Canon can’t help


I recently purchased the TR8520 but am unable to print in draft mode from my Mac (OS 10.14, Mojave). The three printing choices appear - draft, normal, and best - but when I drag the arrow to “draft” and release it, it jumps back to “normal”. I’ve spoken to customer support at Canon and Apple, who pointed fingers at each other. Finally the Apple rep suggested I ask the community. Can anyone help? Thanks!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi DelawareMacUser,


Draft mode is not available in all applications on your Mac. The application dictates whether or not you are able to select draft mode for use when printing.


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Draft mode not available in Microsoft Word? That's nonsense. I don't think I want to own a printer that can't do that - and I just got this one.

I'm very sorry, but I cannot find a single application on my Mac that will allow me to select "Draft" using the page setup slider that offers Draft, Normal, or Best. I've tried Microsoft apps. Apple apps, Chrome, and Acrobat Reader. Something other than which application I'm using is preventing me from selecting Draft. The Windows PC that I also have has no such issues with allowing draft print.


Please try to find us a better answer. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply - it seems that you’ve tried all reasonable options, and this is simply a problem without a solution. I’ll let you know of any updates. 

If other printers work with a Mac then it can't be entirely Apple's fault. But what really angers me the most is Canon advertises that this printer is compatible with the Mac. That's faulty advertising. 


I guess this is the final update.


I spoke to another person in tech support who spent a lot of time with me trying to find a workaround - to no avail. I then spoke to a supervisor, who checked and told me that NONE of their printers will print in draft mode with Mojave. Canon’s fault? Apple’s fault? As I pointed out to the supervisor, people are not going to get rid of their devices, but they might decide not to buy a Canon printer. 




I have this problem with my Pixma TS8220. I have called both Canon and Apple. Apple spent over a half hour trying to figure out the issue. I even sent up my printer via it's IP address., meaning avoiding AirPrint, which is what Canon said was the problem.  No Draft printing. What Apple tech did was find Canon's detailed list of what my printer does and Draft was not on the list. I asked Canon why they didn't list that Draft was not a feature. Could it be to sell more ink? Anyway, I have one thing left to try and this is if you bought your printer before 10/12/18. There is a large firmware update online for my printer. Maybe that will work. If not. My brand new printer is useless to me without Draft mode unless I win the lottery and don't care about money. Apple did give me a few names of some inexpensive printers that print in Draft move Mojave.

My TR8520 does draft print just fine from the Dell PC that sits next to my MacBook Air. 


ABSOLUTELY RIGHT !! i regret purchasing a canon printer, i have been using HP for the past 6 years never had a problem like this, ink cost is high too comparatively, once ink of my cartridges is empty i will throw this printer away because cost of the 5 cartridges is 95% cost of the printer. will buy hp instead