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PIXMA G7020 Colors messed up when I print between rear/main tray, paper types, etc.


I’ve been trying (and failing) to print a custom card for a game, but… I think I’m somehow royalty messing up something. I think it something to do with the printing settings and/or color profiles, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I usually make digital in RBG and almost never print. I’d like to learn what I’m messing up to print properly in the future.

Printer: Canon G7000 series (G7020 specifically)
Computer OS: macOS 13.0 
Application: Affinity Publisher most recent version. I know Adobe is industry standard, but I’m not in the industry so I thought Affinity was good.

Here’s the situation:

Created a CMYK document in Affinity Publisher (latest version).

I got the colors to look good and did some test prints on copy paper. Not perfect, but within a reasonably acceptable range.

I popped in my preferred paper (link above) that has a nice texture I wanted into the rear tray; not the main try. I’m smarter than that. 😉

I went to print and the colors came out super bright and saturated. I’ve tried rendering intents (anything from washed saturated mess to dark tree bark), I’ve tried converting to RGB and printing (dark tree bark colors), bringing from TIFF, printing from PDF… I even went back to my original setting and paper and it came out brightly saturated. I have used so much paper on this failure of mine.

Help… Teach… I don’t expect the colors to be perfect, but closer to my original print.

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