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Pixma TR8520 Error Code 6004




I purchased my Pixma TR8520 in November, 2018.  Its been barely used, just every so often.  I tried to print something recently and in the middle of the print job it gave me an error code of 6004.


I followed the on-screen and manual instructions (turning off/on, unplugging, checking ink cartridges, checking for paper inside all the paper feed areas to include front, back, underside, checking the connection from the computer, etc.).


After the first couple of times the code came up, after doing all this it would feed a blank piece of paper through automatically and say it was ready but then when I tried to actually print, it would give the code again.  Eventually, it stopped even clearing and feeding the blank paper, now it boots right up to the error code when turned on.


Does anyone have any suggestions on fixing this?


Thanks in advance.


Product Expert
Product Expert



If the error persists after the attempts that you have described, troubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

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I am having the same issue.  I purchased my printer in 2018.  I started receiving the 6004 error message a couple of weeks ago.  I just chatted with Cannon Support.  They walked me through turning the printer off then on and checking for paper jams.  At the end of the chat they suggested buying a new printer because having it serviced would cost more than buying a new one.  There has to be a better answer to this issue...

I agree.  A printer that's only 1 1/2 years old shouldn't just die.


Today I finally got up the mental and emotional fortitude to call Canon as directed.  Before doing so, I plugged in and turned on the printer.  I received a different error code this time: C000.  This code said there might be paper stuck in the machine (I knew there wasn't) or that the ink cartridges wee inserted incorrectly.  Even though I knew they were, I took them all out and put them back in again.  This time the printer said it was ready.  I tried copying something and a blank page came out - even though the preview showed the document so I knew then that it was an issue with the ink.  I kept doing a deep cleaning of the printer heads and it finally printed.\


Even though it has now printed a few pages I have no confidence this issue with the 6004 error has been permanently resolved.


My fingers are crossed for my printer and hope you find a solution for your's.

Hello and thank you for your reply.


Today I plugged in and turned on the printer to prepare for the recommended call to Support.  I received the C000 error code instead of 6004.  I followed the instructions (basically the same for the 6004 code) and it was ready to print.  However, when printing, only blank pages came out.  I did numerous deep cleans of the printer heads and it finally printed.


Although it has now printed a few pages, I honestly have no confidence the 6004 error code will not show up again.


I will not be clicking on "Accept as Solution", as I did not use the recommended solution of calling Canon Support to fix the 6004 issue and its seems to have magically cleared up on its own - for now.


If this error returns I will call Support and reference this thread.


Thank you again and be well.

I'm having the same issue...traded in my year old machine for a new one since i had the Staples insurance and the new one is doing the same is that possible.
I have done it all...reinstalled drivers, powered on and off etc. New one has no error code, last one had 6004.

Hi dklugherz,


The 6004 error is an indication that a printer error has occurred.  Please check the following:


Make sure print head holder motion is not impeded by tapes for securing the print head holder during transportation, jammed paper, etc.


Make sure the ink tanks are properly installed.  Press ink tanks until they click into place.


Look in the back of the printer for paper jams:


If this does not solve the error, your PIXMA TR8520 would require service.  if your PIXMA TR8520 requires service, please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:



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I had this exact issue and the article that I found to give step by step instructions was helpful to a point ( After step 6, the URL provided by SME Patrick should've been provided ( because this is what I tried and it worked perfectly for me. Help provided by Canon Support staff actually should help with the issue, not passively upsell to the customer to buy a new printer. I had this exact issue with my brand new TR8620 which I bought 4 days ago. Step 7 and beyond should give direction to remove the lower panel on the back of printer which reveals the back end of the paper feed section. This is where the rest of my jammed paper was (which tore when I tried to remove it from the steps mentioned above). I was able to remove it with ease then replaced the back panel. Once I fired up my printer, the error was gone and issue resolved. Voila! Come on, Canon, do better! Brandon

Having the same identical problem. Did everything that was suggested and had the same results. Also had the printer for two years. Seems like planned obsolescence. This printer is a piece of junk. My old printer lasted a good ten years. A solution should be simple and not to buy another printer.

I would like to say is that you as a company have the hideous practice of designing multifunction devices (printers) that are supposed to fail after the warranty period (usually around 2 years). This is my third printer for your company and EVERY ONE broke down after about 2 years. There is no coincidence here. The last Pixma TS6250 broke (error 6004) a few days before the end of the 2 years of the SELLER's responsibility and I had time to hand it over to a free service. Of course, you only give one year of warranty, so it is the poor seller who has to bear the consequences of your disgusting practice. But ok. The printer has been repaired, the print head and the purge unit have been replaced. I got a 3-month post-service warranty. The printer broke after exactly 3 months and 9 days. Do you know how many, because of your scandalous practices of making trash, you produce electro-rubbish? how much non-ecological are you ??? Only the money counts for you. The device is supposed to break down after 2 years, the repair is not supposed to pay off and the customer has to buy a new one and produce the rubbish you don't care about. Companies like you should be held accountable for destroying the planet. And not ordinary customer who drives diesel. I will never buy anything from you anymore and I will advise everyone against it.

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