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Pixma MG5220. B200 error message.


Wouldn't you know it. Just past the warranty period. Did everything specified to "fix the problem." 

The typical response: 

Hi Printer4Us!


Our Technical Support Team is available either by email or by phone, depending on which method of communication is most convenient for you! 


Our Phone support is open Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST, excluding holidays, and email is 24/7. Again just click theCONTACT US link if you need a Technical Support agent!


The "technicians" basically told me to junk the printer.

Last time I buy a Canon printer. 

Expect poor reviews of this product from me in social networking sites. 



Rarely used printer.  Same vague message.  I tried every remedy outlined on the forum and elsewhere and still can't get it to re-set.  Can't tell you how much I just spent on ink cartridges for this machine, which appears evident by the volume of messages on this board to be a total WASTE of my $.  


It took every ounce of restraint in my body not to catapult this expensive machine onto the garage floor to be carted off to the dump on Friday in pieces.  


The "unplug the machine for 10 minutes and then call phone support"  message is not helpfiul when your support lines don't open until 10:00 am,  I'm at my desk at 8:00 and can't print a document I need for a Dr. appt later this morning.  What call centers on this earth aren't open until 10:00 am?  


Very unhappy former customer.  


I'll spend the rest of my morning researching higher quality machines with more accurate, actually helpful customer service.  My last printer lasted 10 years!   


Grrrrrrr........   *listens to the sound of dollars flushing down the toilet...

Where is the support for this problem? Only one solution found and it doesn't work....Doesn't Canon even know how to fix their machines? Sheesh.... 😞

I suspect Canon builds in a killer code in their driver to kill the machine after it prints so many pages! Mine died while in mid stream printing 4 photos on 8 1/2" x 11" photo paper...suspect this built in obsolescence is geared to make us buy another printer...after going through this with this canon printer I would refuse to buy another Canon product! I was low on ink but previous HP printer would stop printing before ink ran out. Guess Canon is proud of itself for making us trash something by charging more than price of whole machine for just the printhead. But I suspect more than printhead damage I suspect software built in obsolecence. Tech was 100% certain I need a new printer. Didn't even offer to explore the 10 alternating blinking green/orange flashes. Unplugginh machine for 1 hr, cleaning head etc did not work. Suspect software. Unfortunately cannot seem to find new driver for windows XP. That would've been my last resort.

They do NOT want us to fix our machines, they want us to dump them and dish out more money for another one, buy their over priced ink and run out of warranty and buy another...that's how they keep themselves in business.

never buy another canon in my life!!


The B200 error code kept blinking a hazard, the print head refused to move, so upset, needed to use the **bleep** printer to print important documents today

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