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Pixma MG2522 cutting off pages.


Hello, I recently purchased a Canon Pixma MG2522, I installed the "MG2522/MG2525 MP Drivers Ver.1.02 (Windows)" from Canon's webpage as my desktop does not have a CD Drive. My operating system is Windows 11 Home.

I attempted to print a downloaded .PDF using "Microsoft Edge", I made sure the correct paper size was loaded into the tray, I made sure the correct paper size was selected in both the printer settings and in "Microsoft Edge" and the bottom of the page was cut off.

I aligned the print head, and attempted the print again, The page was still cut off.

I tried using other software to load the document and print it, I tried printing a different document, I tried printing the document with modified margins, I tried scaling the document to "Fit to printable area", each time the page was still cut off.

I tried printing the document on another printer and it printed fine. 

I have spent several hours scouring the forums for potential fixes and applying them if possible, still no successful prints and I am all out of ideas. Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: I purchased a ream of Legal size Paper (8.5" x 14") and it is now printing the entire sheet, I believe the printer is somehow registering the 8.5" x 11" setting as legal paper perhaps? or there is a mechanical problem that will not allow the paper to be fed all the way through unless it is longer than 11". Either way, this printer is not functioning and Canon has no formal tech support, they chose to pass that responsibility to their customers in the form of this forum.

I will never recommend a Canon product to anyone, I will encourage everyone to stay away from this company. 



I just installed Canon MG2522 printer on my Windows 10 computer. I am having same problem with bottom of my PDFs being cut off when printing.  Not sure what is causing it, but I have found that if you right click on PDF file and click print the document prints out like it should.  Hope this helps someone else.


This Customer service is absolute trash! I see you posted this in 2022 and still no **bleep** response to correct or fix. This canon crap is a joke.

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