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Pixma G6020 printing super faded


I just set up a new canon g6020 and all prints are coming out super light.

There are no lines and everything is super clear...

just the color is as if the saturation or contrast has been turned down.

I have tried editing settings on my computer and have had no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi oddmonstr,


I recommend performing a nozzle check, Please click HERE for the steps. Once it prints, click the blue link in step 5 to compare your nozzle check to the sample.


In the nozzle check, does it match the sample or are the color bars faded? Also, please let us know if you are using Windows or Mac and what program you are using to print.


We look forward to your reply.



I did the nozzel check and the color looks light on the printout

Hello!  I just setup my G6020 and am having the same issue.  printout is sharp and clean, but is washed out.  I'm on Mac OS and can't get to any of the color constrast options in the printer dialog.  Using Canon photo Glossy II paper.  Looking foward to learning more about this issue.



Call Canon support.  They are sending me a new printer.  Sounds like the print head has issues.

My printer also has this issue. It did work when I first got it but now does not. I think the print head may need to be replaced. Any assistance/advice you can offer is welcome.

I'm also having this issue, but from experimenting around, I think it's due to borderless printing when printing on plain paper (as selected in print properties). If I print a pdf from Acrobat with default settings on plain paper (i.e. without selecting borderless printing), it looks rich. But when I print the same pdf with borderless printing on, it looks washed out. Same is true with the default Photo viewer in Windows. There, it does borderless printing by default, but the images always look washed out.When I print the same images with borderless printing off, they look rich. 


The issue I'm having here is that it doesn't appear to be possible to override the print quality settings when doing borderless printing on plain paper, which I think there should be. It might be intentional so we don't ruin our printers, but it would be nice to have more information on that. 


edit: I've noticed a number of threads on this issue since I wrote this, and have found numerous articles and even a couple youtube videos on the subject. Some say it's a general issue with borderless printing across brands, but the only examples I'm finding are for Canon. There are apparently work arounds, but seems like a firmware update is in order here across all these pixma printers... I'm running the latest (1.04 as of 10/23/21).

Thank you so much for posting this. This is the exact problem I have. Do you know if it has been fixed in the latest firmware?

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