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PIXMA TS6220 scanner communication error


We've been using the TS6220 for about three years.  We've always used it over Wi-Fi, with the printer located about 3 feet MOL from the router on the same desk.


Previously we were using AT&T U-Verse (DSL) internet and had very few issues with connectivity or functionality.


Ever since we "upgraded" to a faster cable internet connection we've been having trouble with the printer--25% of the time it prints normally, 25% it prints but with long delays, and 50% it says the printer is off-line even when it isn't.  That is annoying but most of the time we've been able to get it to work eventually.


The bigger problem is with the scanner, which we've been able to use successfully maybe only 25% of the time.  Below is the error message we get.  Again--when the printer should be online (we verify Wi-Fi connection, at 86% signal strength the last time I checked).


We've done all the usual things--turned printer on and off multiple times, tried selecting different document types to scan, even uninstalled & reinstalled all the drivers & software and performed printer setup twice.  No luck.


Anyone have any ideas?  If you're going to suggest a local connection with USB, well, somehow that's the *one* cable we haven't managed to hold on to though I know we have used it sometime since purchase.  Also, that wouldn't solve the issue in the long run because we always used it via Wi-Fi before and that's our preference.





 scanner error message.png

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