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PIXMA TR8620a colors printing wrong


Hi everyone, this is the second post I'm making about my printer because the support help online is basically non-existent, and I'm unable to call for support. 

In June I bought a PIXMA TR8620a on Amazon. Worked beautifully for months until it prompted me to change the inks halfway through a print job.

I changed them all out, and yes the inks are all in the proper spots (yellow in yellow, cyan in cyan, etc.) and after that the colors have been printing horribly. The photo before changing my inks is perfect, and every photo printed afterwards is green, dark, and muddled. The only thing I did was put a new set of inks in. Didn't change any settings or anything because I was halfway through a print job. 

Every device or app I print from, the colors print differently; desktop, iPad camera roll, Canon app on iPad, print app on phone, they ALL print differently from each other color-wise, but none are accurate. Some look extremely green while others are washed out and faded looking with no contrast or vibrancy.

I also get a huge difference depending on the type of paper I choose (ex: glossy photo paper vs plain paper), where right before changing the inks they looked nearly identical.

The ONLY thing I did was change my inks, and I fail to understand how the act of switching them out for new ones can mess up the color properties on every image I print across multiple devices.

I did a driver update, updated the printer itself, and tried using 3 different brands of ink (including Canon), switching out the entire set of colors, black, and toner each time. I've done cleanings, deep cleanings, and other "maintenance" options from my printer. When I print a color test page from the printer, everything looks fine. But as soon as I print an image it looks wild.

Some images, as stated before, are green and muddled, some are very grey-washed and have little to no white left on the page, some are so light that you can't make out the details. I've had to resort to editing all my photos to boost the warmth/yellow/magenta to print somewhat close to how it should look, but even then, they don't look accurate. And I don't want to edit all my photos just so they don't print green. And I also worked with the color management on my desktop for the printer but it makes it worse if I manually adjust. 

I'd like to consider myself somewhat tech savvy and feel like I've tried every conceivable thing. I've wasted so much ink and paper and am at a complete loss. 



The ink cartridges for the printer have a small vent hole on top to allow air in when ink is used.

Sometimes, when removing the wrapper for the cartridge, it does not fully come off, blocking the vent hole.

Check that there is no wrapper material remaining on top of the cartridges.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

I just checked all my cartridges, and there's nothing blocking the vent holes. 

Register your product at the Canon support site and then request support.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

I did, but the chat is broken. When it asks me to list my printer, no matter what I type, it says it doesn't recognize my entry and I go in circles. There's no live chat and I'm not able to speak so I can't call support. So this forum is my last resort, unfortunately. 

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