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PIXMA MG 3620 paper jam in the FRONT


My Canon MG 3620 printer had been giving me a 1003 error code when paper was correctly loaded.  I followed the advice found elsewhere on this forum (unplug and power down 3x), which at least got the paper to *start* loading.  But unfortunately, it just pulled the paper halfway in and stopped, resulting in a "paper jam" message.IMG_20210728_085208.jpg


I can find instructions for clearing the jam from inside or from the output tray, but my paper hasn't gotten that far in (I don't see anything when I open from the front or the back).  The only reference I can find to clearing a jam from the input tray is a warning not to pull it out toward me, which is the only way I can see that I could get it out (seems like it would pull out fairly easily).   I may need to clean the print rollers, but the first step is to take out any paper, so I can't try till I get the paper out. 



Finally chatted with Canon and learned that *if the printer is unplugged first,* it's fine to pull the paper out toward you.

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