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PIXMA G7020 -- a piece of junk


We purchased a PIXMA G7020 less than one year ago.  From day 1, the menu screen proved to be useless, with too little displayed and little or no logic to the sequences.  Despite that, the printer (and scanner) worked adequately for some months with daily but not intensive use. Then, one day, the printer (menu screen) started demanding that we use the rear feeder; after that, I could never figure out how to fix the paper feeding to the cassette vs the rear feeder. The problem that finally prompted me to dispose of the PIXMA G7020 was a paper jam during routine 2-sided printing. Thereafter, even after carefully removing every paper fragment (from front and rear access), feeding paper (for one-sided printing) from the cassette (which the menu screen demanded) resulted in a jammed torn sheet of paper. I should add that the User information (e.g., fixing problems), both printed and on-line, is ridiculously sparse and totally useless.

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