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PIXMA G7020 Cyan ink not getting from tank to print head


I print mostly black and white but today I am having problems trying to print a photo and tracked it down to the cyan and the black ink are not getting from the ink tank to the print head.  I followed all the troubleshooting tips including cleaning, deep cleaning, print head alignment, nozzle check and finally ink flush.   What I have discovered is that the cyan tube from the tank to the head is clear - no ink flowing through.  The black tube had a little ink in spots (maybe air bubbles?) but the ink flush got the black ink flow fixed.  After 2 additional ink flushes on just the Colored tanks - and a ton of ink used up - the cyan tube is still clear and the cyan ink level remains unchanged.  The cyan ink tank lid is closed tightly - I have checked everything that I know to check and am seeking suggestions to remedy this issue.  Thank you.