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PIXMA G620 wont print properly on 5x7 photo paper


I've printed photos just fine on Letter paper, but I cannot get anything to print properly on 5x7 photo paper. I've made sure the paper settings on the printer are 5x7, and I've made sure that the paper size in the print dialog box is 5x7, but I either get an error on the printer saying that the loaded paper isn't the right size and it doesn't print at all, or it prints just part of the photo in one corner of the paper (see attached image). Any idea of what is going wrong? IMG_1711.jpg


Product Expert
Product Expert


So we can best assist you, please let us know what version of Windows or MacOS you are running. Also, please let us know if you are using printing software or just opening the picture and selecting the print option. 

We look forward to your reply. 

Most recent MacOS. Doesn’t matter what software I try to print from. I’ve tried preview, photo editing software, and canon’s easy print software.

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