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PIXMA G6020 prints blank pages


I have a PIXMA G6020 printer which is having some issues. I was experiencing severe banding when printing from the device, and ran through some maintenance steps to try and resolve. Trying to clean gave me an error 5200. Doing an ink flush seemed to work, according to the nozzle check, as when doing that check I'm now getting straight, solid lines rather than streaky or banded lines. But instead of banded, poor-quality pages being printed, every time I try to print the printer just shoots out blank pages. When doing a nozzle check, everything seems fine, but it won't actually print anything else.

I've also tried copying to see if that would do anything, but no luck there either, the page comes out blank as well. When I try to align the print heads, it gives me an error 5200 again. I'm not really sure where to go from here?



Error 5200 usually means low ink levels. I’d suggest your first stop should be getting all new ink cartridges & trying to print a single sheet. Ink flushing uses up an enormous amount of ink.


Definitely not the case. This printer does not use ink cartridges, it's a PIXMA device that uses liquid ink, and I can physically see the ink levels. It's very nearly full, for black and each of the color inks.

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Hi Inbutle,

Please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:


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My G6020 doesn't acts like it's out of ink until the black runs out.  But it's hard to see when that is the case because  the pigment settles and sticks to the lower tank walls.  This makes it impossible for the black ink level to be accurately determined by a optical sensor (even if that was the designer's intention). 


The remote level indication of my G6020 ink levels hasn't been reliable since the first tank low much faster than the rest. I don't believe that hydraulic pressure or analog physical level is detected, but calculated somehow. 

So I believe that either the pump motor current and/or a page counters trigger Error 5200. From the way it behaves, I believe that the color tanks levels might be sensed optically at one or two levels at the dots and near full, or maybe when refilled somewhere above the dots the assumption is that the tanks have been refilled.

Anyway, if a tank runs dry,  the maintenance flush procedure is needed to pump timed streams of ink through the heads without sensing.  The flush requires a minimum ink level in every tank - the "dot", or higher.