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New Pixma g620 Not Printing One Color

I recently purchased a pixma g620 ecotank printer for my small art business. I've set it up two days ago, and have been doing some test prints etc, and am disappointed to find that the yellow ink isn't printing. I've preformed the first two levels of cleaning, and it does print very light yellow on the nozzle checks following the deep cleaning. I am hesitant to use the ink purge function, considering it expends about 20$ worth of ink? The printer is brand new, so I feel like it shouldn't already be having issues, and it wouldn't make sense for it to be clogged. The other colors are fine, Only the yellow is not printing and not visible in the tube. I'm worried that the tube is some how not connected to the ink tanks. Since the other tubes filled during the initialization? But the yellow did not? I'm assuming, I don't really know how it works.
I'm also worried because the printer was delivered while I was away (meant to come back and get it but I got sick and had to stay longer) and it was also placed on it's side which the box explicitly said not to do.
I will run an ink purge if there is no other option, but I'm also wondering if there is a way to check the tube connection before running the ink purge in case there is some kind of issue. Or if there is a way to purge just one color. I just don't want to waste ink for nothing or to have to keep doing ink purges that don't work because of a deeper issue.

Product Expert
Product Expert


Since the cleanings did not resolve the issue and the yellow ink is not filling at all, I recommend you reach out to Canon support for your warranty options. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you


Same issue...  Just got the printer, it worked perfect for a while, then stopped printing yellow.  

A normal clean didn't work but a deep clean did.  Then it worked for a dozen photos and stopped printing yellow again.  Another normal clean didn't get it working, and a deep clean got the last yellow to show up.  Then did yet another deep clean and I got some yellow out but looking at the tube it looks empty...

As was recommended by ArthurJ, you'll want to get in touch with support. Start by logging into your My Canon Account at and verifying your printer is registered. From there, you'll see your personalized support options. 

Yeah, got off the phone with support a while ago. Under their advice did two deep cleanings which didn't work, and then an ink purge, which also didn't work. The yellow didn't drain at all, though the other colors did. Since its under warranty or carePAK, (not sure which is covering this), I'm being sent a replacement.

Mine has not ever consistently printed yellow since the beginning, only very lightly for one nozzle check in ten... so yours might be a different problem... It's worth contacting support if the problem isn't fixed...

Also I thought I had registered my product through the website, so I was confused why the mods were saying that, but I didn't email them a picture of my invoice so I guess it wasn't all the way registered?? I don't know, just mentioning it since I was confused about that, and maybe you have to do that too.

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