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My printer is lying to me. USB drive detected, jk. Need help scanning to USB.


I'm simply trying to scan a document to my USB drive, but I cannot get this to work for anything.


Attempt #1


Tried to format the USB drive as NTFS. Plugged it in, got the alert stating "USB drive detected.", and the minute I hit the green Start button, it gives me the error "Cannot detect a USB flash drive."


Attempt #2


Tried formatting as exFAT from within Windows. Got the same exact messages as I did in attempt #1.


What am I doing wrong here? If it detected the USB drive, why can't it detect a USB drive? I don't get it.


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Hi altjxx!


Welcome to Canon Forums, and thank you for your inquiry!


We appreciate your participation, however, to properly assist you can you please provide more information?


1. The model printer you have

2. Operating System using on the computer

3. Connection method between printer and computer (USB, wireless, direct connect)


We hope this helps! 

Thanks for your response, Porscha.

I'm using a Canon MX922, on Mac OS X Mojave, and there is no connection between the computer and the printer.

Hi altjxx.


In your original post, you state that you are unable to save to a USB drive.


Are you able to scan using your PIXMA MX922 and save the item to your computer?


If not, what is the exact wording of the error message that you get?


If you are, please then attempt to copy that saved file to your USB drive.

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Hi Patrick,

I can scan over the wireless network, but I just cannot scan to a USB drive. I wanted to scan directly to my USB drive from the printer because the wireless network that I was using had some restrictions that was not allowing me to directly access the printer.



Please visit the following link for details on how to scan to a USB thumb drive:


Saving Scanned Data on the USB Flash Drive Using the Operation Panel of the Machine


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Yeah. It's step 9 here that gives me the "USB flash device is not detected."

Did you solve your problem? I am having the exact same issue.


I'm having the exact same problem.  MG5320 recognizes the USB drive.  But then it doesn't recognize it a few seconds later when I go to scan.


I thought HP printers were terrible, doesn't hold a candle to Canon. Same USB problem. Solution given not a solution. Beyond frustrating the issues I have had with the MX922.