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MP Navigator and High Sierra


After installing macOS 10.13.1 (High Sierra) MP Navigator EX 4.0 has ceased to work.


Thanks, Mark.  In the elegance stakes, that solution scores zero, I'm afraid!  Fortunately, by updating MP Navigator to v4.0.5 and reinstalling the IJ Network Tool in its latest version, all problems with my MG 6150 have been overcome.  Took me a couple of hours to sort that out and I would have hoped for an auto-update from Canon, to be honest, but the job's done, thankfully.  Hopefully this might help other sufferers.

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Hi Russell,


Having fixed the MP Navigator and High Sierra through your helpful forum, I am now having the same issue with MP Navigator and Mac OSMojave can you please help. 

My Canon Pixma MG 8150 has ceased working

again after updated my iMac to the new MacOSMojave.




I have the Canon MP180 and it has the same problem.  The Navigator software starts to launch and then the icon disappears from the task bar and an error message pops up.

Please, be sure to use older version of Navigator, not the new version.


I had the issue of not being able to scan on my Canon MX340 after updating to High Sierra on my Mac. I followed the instructions listed by GenoBarr in Message 159 posted on 5/22/15 and have been able to scan now.  In #1 of the instructions it says to click on El Capitan; since I had High Sierra, it said there was nothing to download. But I changed it to El Capitan and downloaded that. After downloading and installing the things in that post, I clicked on the "Solution Menu" icon and it still would not scan.


So I went through Finder, clicked on Applications, Canon Utilities, MP Navigator EX, then on MP Navigator Ex 3.1 app and was finally able to scan pictures. It was a long detour but glad I can scan again.

My printer is Brother MFC- J985DW. Is there a download to update the software so I can use my CanoScan LIDE 110 scanner?


I own an MX410 and can't find a version of MP Navigator that works with High Sierra.  I purposely waited a long time to upgrade to High Sierra just so I wouldn't run in to compatibility issues.  If I don't find something that works, I will definitely be divorcing Canon for good. Holler if anyone found a solution.

ME TOO! Exact same problem. 


 My CanonScan 8800F has ceased working when I upgraded my iMac to MacOS High Sierra 10.13-6 .  

How do I get my scanner working again please?



After installing High Sierria on my Mac, my Canon 9000F scanner would not work.  Seems like Canan would have a fix for this by now?

Canon has a 'fix'...  Unfortunately, their 'fix' involves selling you a new printer.  And bless their stupid hearts, they actually thiink we'll buy another Canon after the way they've treated us.

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