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MG7720 won't print black.


I have a PIXMA MG7720 which won't print black. I did as much maintenece and tests and cartridge replacing I can think of. It won't priny no mater how I try:Scanning; copying; direct from computer...Nothing. I can't find any answers on line and local alleged "repair" places suggest I throw it away and buy new. One of the stupidest things I've heard of but seems to be the way now. Thow away society. Please help with a real soultion that isn't "give up".


Product Expert
Product Expert

HI emer,


Please take out the PGI-270 Black ink cartridge and reply with all the information you see on the label( ink number, where it was made, etc).


We look forward to your reply.

Ink Tank


Made in Japan

I just noticed that I also have here the same but not XL. Not in the printer, but an unused cartrIdge that I bought along with all other colors. Is there a difference between the CLI-271 and the CLI-271XL?

Apparently it doesn't make a difference. I just decided to switch cartridges as a test. At first the printer said it did not recognize the CLI-271 but I ignored that and tried printing. I did not get the "does not recognize" message but still got a blank page back.

I'm having the same problem. Did you ever find a fix?

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