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MG7720 on Mac Monterey Print Document as a Booklet (Print you stack/fold pages in correct order).


That's basically it.  

I've tried everything I can including getting latest drivers and re-creating the printers using both Bonjour and IJ Network and even the AirPrint style.  I can see two different sets of options depending on if I'm using AirPrint or the direct connection but in both cases I cannot find Booklet printing anywhere.

Is this because it's not supported or am I missing something.  All the support I've found says to "Select Booklet" but I've found nothing.  

Also what about "book" printing instead of just "booklet"?  If you have more than a certain number of pages, can you print multiple sets?  Is it the printer?  Or the drivers that determine this?  

Do I need to remove completely my drivers and reinstall?  How would I do that?  


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