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MG7520, Installed Firmware, Failed, Printer Now Completely Broken


My father has used this printer for the last few years, it's a great printer, although a bit slow in general. He notified me of it not working. I checked, and searched it up, and saw the numerous amounts of posts on this issue. This is a house printer, and always needs to be available to print work invoices, school stuff, and more.

I saw that Canon had released a new firmware. It initially didn't wan't to update, always saying the printer wasn't connected. After restarting the computer, that was fixed, I went through the update process, and it gets about 95% finished and tells me the update failed.

I'm now stuck here looking at a printer that now only has a flashing alarm light. Unplugging it does nothing, and leaving it unplugged for an hour or 2 also did nothing. The usb didn't get unplugged, the power didn't get touched.

Canon has basically bricked this printer, A firmware update should not be needed, it should have never had an issue, since this printer hasn't been updated for years, sitting at version 2.0.3. Canon did this, and they know, the only way to break certain models of printers, is to send disable commands over the internet.



what you are describing coul still be the original problem............sugest you pull the power cord from printer.....shut down all network...wifi and your internet router- no power to routers (don't just rely on switch) - then try to power up printer and see if it will finish the cycle and let you make a copy........if so..........then -while all network is still OFF......try the 'workaround" - where you set up the wifi settings- manual.....enter an unused ip address for primary - someohthing like should secondary......(may be NO or OFF that you enter depending on device) .....and then turn on networks and see if it holds without starting the cycling crap aain

if should be able to use the printer again........may have to reinstall on windows systems for them to find it (I did) - airprint came up for me with no problems

you could retry the 'fix'-but i am not doing that at this point.....too many comments reporting problems....hope that helps -good luck

The printer doesn't work at all, all it does is have a flashing orange alarm(lightning) light. It won't even turn on at all, even after leaving it unplugged or plugged in

If you have actually unplugged the routers (not just turned them off ), then I don’t know anything else to suggest.  I do know that turning off the routers…or just turning off wireless and leaving internet on —even when the canon printer is not plugged to it- can still be an issue…and once that red light comes on the only way to even turn the printer off is to pull the plug….. and only try again to power up when there is no other network at all running in the location….


Hello. I'm not a tech, but wanted to let you know there are some troubleshooting steps on the firmware update page here. I hope this helps. 

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