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MG7520 Error B203


Called Canon Support and they say it's unrepairable but past 1 year so unreplaceable too.  Tried everything including dismantling the printhead assembly to manually clean.  Barely used the printer, 1 or 2 prints a month.  


Anyone have recommendation on non-Canon I can buy to replace for around the same price range?



 have bought Canon printers for a number of years, mainly to have the ability to print on Printable DVDs as a means of archiving.


An earlier Canon printer just stopped with a Print Head Error Message. I tried to clean the head and wasted a lot of time on it. Eventually I came across the USA Canon Customer Forum and found there were hundreds like me, however the americans took out a CLASS ACTION and WON. They were awarded damages of either a refund or replacement. We in the UK should be able to do the same because Canon, like Apple updates that slow their phones down, seems to have a series of apparently "in-built" unfixable errors. This was not the first Canon to suffer a similar fate, but I persisted to be able to continue archiving.


My current MG7550 printer has now died with B203 fault. It had already died with a print head fault that produced text characters with double vertical strokes which could not be aligned again. Strange because if I chose to print black text only it functioned OK indicating the print method was different for black only using the separate cartridge. Interestingly it printed images and DVDs perfectly. So I kept it for limited usage, while buying an office type Brother printer for everyday usage.


So, with yet another fault I will sent Canon to the prinnter farm in the sky and NEVER buy another again.

I strongly recommend others do the same. Dated 12/04/2020

Don't waste time trying to fix them and certainly don't send for repair. Check this forum to see just how many failed attempts there are.


I have had another reply suggesting that a firmware update has potentially fixed the B203 problem.

I am grateful to those who took the time to reply and amazed at the diversity of actions taken in order to gain a fix for this problem, however this same diversity probably indicates they are not a long term solution. Will this also be the fate of a firmware update? Do let me know. This whole senario is identical to the many other Canon Error codes, if you follow the other Posts. I am resigned to losing my DVD printing. Best regards to all. Dated 29/05/2020

I have had no problems since the firmware update. Fingers crossed. 

I will try this, thank you!

It worked for me for about 6 months. Then it didn’t any more. Now I have a new printer

Good for you. No more Canon printers for me. I keep getting this stupid error and fix it and then it comes back and I have to keep fixing it. It's gotten to be a pain to print and I don't print now unless I really need to.

Thanks for the reply, diddlydude. The fix only lasting for a short while seems to be a recurring comment, so I'll start shopping now for a different brand of printer.


For me, a firmware update did help, which can be chosen directly on the printer under settings. It just needs a wifi connection. The error came back once since the firmware update, but after restarting I was able to print again.


To Fix Error B203 Check your ink cartridge:-

Turn off your printer and make sure all the ink cartridges are full. You can pull all the ink cartridges out of the printer and make sure there is plenty of ink in them. Refill the cartridge to resolve the error.Moreover, improper installation of ink tanks can also generate this precise printer issue. Make sure that’s not your case. 



What a joke canon is.  I will NOT be spending any more money on their products.  Getting this code after getting the B204 code and following the prompts to fix. I hardly ever utilize color ink and it happens to be running low and now the entire unit is unusable, unreplaceable and JUNK. it is a SHAME that Canon allows this, just another piece of trash in tha landfill.  SHAME ON YOU CANON

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