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MG5320 doesn't print at all


My MG5320 was working fine for over a year, now it doesn't print at all. When I send a print job, the printer goes through all the motions, sounds like it's printing, and ejects the paper, but it's blank. I've put in new cartridges (a few times), run the nozzle clean and deep clean but none of that helps. Have downlaoded and installed the latest drive,  removed and cleaned the print head (using distilled water) and still no printing.

I've hooked it up via usb connection to three different computers (Mac, Win 7, Win XP) and it behaves the same. It scans OK just doesn't print. There's no error code.

Any idea what is going on?


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Product Expert



Additional troubleshooting will have to be done to narrow down the cause of your issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

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Well now, I'm in this same boat.

Printer just stopped printing after a paper jam.

It is NEVER a good sign when you find a thread with your printer model and the same problem that you have just experienced.


I'll call the number, but my time is also valuable.


IF anyone has actually had Canon provide some useful information, please post.


Time to look at another manufacturer.




 How amazing it is for me to see so many other posters reporting the exact same issues with the exact same printer that I have!  Shortly after I replaced the cartridges, it completely stopped printing anything, just a blank page in spite of going through all the motions of printing. I'm so grateful to have found this forum because I know exactly what I'm not going to do when I get my next printer.


 Even when it was printing, it would take forever to complete a print job,  The slowest I've ever owned. That's too bad because I think it looks so cool. Hopefully someone who picks it up from the Goodwill store, where I'll be taking it soon, can tinker with it and get it to work.  I'm done with it and doubt I will ever own another Canon printer. 

Robot Mad


My MG5320 just started printing blank pages in the middle of printing a report for work. I might have had it less than a year. It sounds like it is a problem with the printer itself when so many people are having the same issue. I maybe print 50 pages a month if that.


I have exactly the same problem with my MG5320.  I called their tech group & they had no answers, just that it would have to be sent in for them to look at.  Since I'm not getting an error code, I assume a new print head isn't going to help with my issue.  Canon - the fact that so many users are experiencing EXACTLY the same problem for years and you haven't provided any solution for it is shameful.  I'm with the other users that will have to replace this unit - and it won't be with another Canon - probably go with an HP and I'll tell others to stay away from Canon given their lack of response to a pervasive problem with their printers.

Same issue as the rest of you 1000 people with the printer problem. Cannon do you have any resolutions for the situation? A lot of money for a color printer doesn't work. Please let me know how to resolve this issue.


ugh... same thing happened to me with my MG7120... abs nothing prints even after multiple cleaning and alignment runs


nothing prints when i just use the devise as a copier, either.


looks like it also affected several other Canon models, and all around the same time..  seems like some firmware that is used in all these MG models may have gone bad





Encountered the same problem here in Singapore. Unfortunately I thought it was an ink problem and bought a new set. 😞 Should have bought another printer.

Careful what you buy... I went for an Epson and regretted it so much I scrapped it within a month and bought new Canon... fingers crossed they have sorted the problem for the current models.


This problem is a pig and Canon should have released a firmware update to sort it but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater, Canon printers are generally great and much easier to use than the opposition AND they tolerate third party inks without any problem.... plus, if they do clog up, you can remove the print head and clean it... try that with an Epson!


Talked w Canon on the phone ... here are the steps they had me try:

NOTE: I'm having the same problem as everyone else ... printer makes printing sounds but doesn't print anything.


(1) try making a copy of something by putting a paper/photo on the glass screen and hitting "copy"

(2) if the paper is still blank, open up the print cartridge area and remove all ink cartridges. Lift up the gray bar. Remove the black base tray that holds the ink cartridges.

(3) Look at the gold connection squares on the bottom of the black tray. Do they look like they have ink smudges on them? 

(4) Inside the printer in the space where the black tray connects up, look at the gold pins and see if they have ink on them or if any are bent or broken off.

(5) Insert the black tray back into the printer space. Lower the gray bar. Reinsert the ink cartridges. Make sure the red lights for each cartridge turn back on.

(6) Try making a copy of that paper/photo again.

(7) If it still doesn't print any ink and doesn't report any error messages, the problem is likely that the purge unit (the piece that sucks the ink out of the cartridges) or the print head are dead, but it's most likely the purge unit because no ink is shooting out.

(8) Canon offers info about print repairs for out-of-pocket costs.

(9) Canon offers to connect you with their upgrade department offer for replacement printer upgrade >>> 866-443-8002 >>> Here are the models they offer at a 25% discount for going through them: 

* TS8020 ( or

* TS6020 (

Now, dear Canon, why couldn't you type that out on here for us?