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MG5320 U052 Error


I have had the MG5320 printer for just over a year now. Everything has been working brilliantly until recently. I am now getting an error: "U052: The type of printer head is incorrect. Install the correct print head"


I have not changed print heads. The only thing I've done is replace empty ink cartriges over the past year and a half, only when needed of course and I haven't done that for quite a while. 3 days ago everything was fine, I had printed a few things perfectly. Now, after no changes or ink cartrige refills, I'm getting this error message. 


Please help!!!


I'm on a MacBook Pro from 2009, running Snow Leopard. However, I don't believe it's a computer issue at all...just FYI


Rising Star

Hi JimCarey,


I agree, doesn't seem like a computer issue.  Since you have not changed the printhead, this error is indicating a damaged or malfunctioning part.  


First, try to clear the error by resetting the printer.  Disconnect the power from your printer and then press the ON button 5 times.  Wait 10 minutes and then reconnect the power.  If the error appears again after powering on the printer, then I recommend contacting us to discuss your service options.



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