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How to print a single envelope on a Canon MX922


I'm trying to figure out if there is an easy way to print single envelopes without having to take all the paper out of the lower tray, readjust the guides for an envelope, print the envelope, readjust the guides for full size paper, then putting the full size paper back in the lower tray. 


I'm thinking that I will have to buy a 2nd lower tray if I can't get this problem resolved.


Rising Star

Hi Andy5215,


It sounds like you are doing everything correctly.  While you can load a stack of envelopes or paper in the tray, if you wish to switch back and forth between media, you will need to remove and adjust the guides for each change.

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As you can see by the forum posts most users who had an earlier Canon printer are very frustrated by not being able to load envelopes in a separate location as had been the case. Why couldn't Canon make the upper tray larger to be able to accept #10 evnelopes that people use commonly. I would actually pay to buy a replacement upper tray to accomplish this task. The upper tray now does not take that size but could easily be reengineered to accept them.


Do you see the number of complaints on this envelope feed issue?

Will Cannon provide an adjustment to the top feed tray to accept business size envelopes?

Who was the rocket scientist who thought THAT up????


After half an hour of trying everything, I realize now that I need to buy a different printer.   I really don't have the time to deal with this idiotic setup to print ONE freaking envelope!  


Please advise which Canon printers function like they USED to, i.e. allowing me to stick an envelope "somewhere" and the printer printing my envelope without having to remove all paper and having to adjust all the paper guides TWICE.


Thank you,


Christine Baker


PS:  I have a sheet of labels with my return address and will be HAND ADDRESSING my envelopes until Canon manages to produce a printer that actually works. 

I too cannot believe they did away with the functionality of the rear feed tray. I used it all the time, and the lower tray is a huge pain to have to open up every time I want to feed checks, cardstock or anything other than regular paper, because the tray to feed the printed pages out is layered on top of the tray. The 2nd tray is too small. I have to 1) close the feed out tray, 2) fish around for the handle to open the bottom tray and 3) place the checks or whatever in the bottom tray, and you don't have the gravity tension that the rear tray had to line up something that isn't 8x11. Big fail, I wish I had my 870 back.

HOKAAAY, youse guys,

Here's how I did it. In MS Word (MAC, but I don't think it matters), I set up an envelope by itself, not merged with a doc. I then Printed on a regular sheet of paper to see where it would print. I then laid my #10 envelope that I use for 8 1/2 x 11 paper on top of the paper, positioning it as best I could so that it printed in the right spot and traced it on the printed sheet. Turns out that the inset from the left side of the bottom tray is almost exactly the size of a regular business card- 2". I used the business card against the left side of the tray to position the envelope (and removed the card, of course). The actual printing on the envelope was a little lower, about 1/2", but for my purposes, it was fine. I rarely print more than one envelope at a time.


But you're all right. Shame on Canon for making this a problem.

I'll try that, thanks for sharing! 

Pathetic! The MX860 worked just fine until it didn't. At last the dreaded B200 error appeared and the response from Canon was: "Send it to a repair depot". And just where are these repair depots? They kindly discounted a MX922 saying that it was a replacement forthe MX860 but as many have noted it really wasn't. Printing envelopes is a major part of sending out letters and now there appears to be no easy method other than to load the lower tray with envelopes. There are no more hints as to how to load and wait windows while the envelopes are loaded. So the MX860 sits here with a spare supply of ink -- the MX922 uses a differnt ink cartridge of course -- and a perfect envelope loader. And to add insult to injury the MX922 shipped without the PBGK 250 cartridge. The printer will not come up without a full contingent of cartridges and thus an additional 4 day wait for a cartridge .


If anyone got steered into a MX922 by an agent perhaps they should have talked about the Maxify 2320 or 2020 which does have an envelope feed or at least the specs seem to indicate that it does. Overall, the MX922 is a failure for a small office.

Thanks for sharing this method!
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