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How to install MF3110 software to Windows 8 (64 bit)?


I recently purchased a new computer configured with Windows 8 (64 bit). How do I install the software for the MF3110? Installing from the original Canon CD does not work on 64 bit systems. This is a fresh install on a new computer (not an OS upgrade on the same computer).


Since the setup program on the CD won't allow me to start the installation process, I copied the CD contents to my Dropbox (using an old Windows XP system) so that the files would be available to my new computer. Attempted to run the setup program in Compatibility Mode using Windows 8. Troubleshooter said that the software was incompatible with 64 bit systems and referred me to the Canon website.


I don't think there is a Windows 8 (64 bit) driver available for the MF3110. Some of the popular knowledge bases suggest using 64 bit drivers for other Canon models, but all of those scenarios involve OS upgrades on the same computer. I need to do a fresh install of all Canon software associated with the MF3110 and may require more than a driver, possibly some configuration elsewhere... not sure.


 I also contacted Canon Customer Support. No workarounds were offered -- they suggested I purchase a new Canon printer. 😞