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Help - can't figure out replacement ink cartridge for Pixma TS6051


I bought a pixma TS6051 in Europe.  And move to the US.  I need replacement ink cartridge, but this model is not sold in US. The ink cartridges I have aren't sold in US and can't find any info on suitable replacements.

Printer Model: Pixma TS6051 

Current ink catrdiges (purchased in Europe) are C571XL (M,Y,C,BK) and C570 XL (large BK)

I purchased a US cartridge set CLI-271 XL and PGI-271 XL.  The box says compatible wiht Pixma TS6020. Upon installation of new cartridges, the printer says "not recognized"

Thank you 



Hi there!

Welcome to The Canon Community, and thank you for your inquiry!

Unfortunately the PIXMA TS6051 is intended for use and sale in Europe, so accessories for that printer are also only sold in Europe. We can offer you a discount on upgrading your printer to a model sold her however, so you can obtain ink for it when needed. You can reach our Canon Upgrade Program at 866-443-8002.

That's ridiculous! I shouldn't have to buy a new printer just to change an ink cartridge. People move around the world and Canon is an international company. 

But thank you for replying to my message so quickly