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Error Message is saying "Type of print head in incorrect. Install correct print head


I have tried resetting , power off, cleaned head.

Still errror message.


Printer in Over 2 years old.

Do I just need a new print head??


thank you!

100 REPLIES 100

Thanks for that - after repeatedly fixing it, and as the problem instantly reoccurred I junked it. Bought a Hewlett Packard printer Which has been much more reliable & less prone to jamming.

Yea Exactly!! I'm switching to Brother or Hewlett Packard, I never had a problem with them in the past at all, and now im having all these issues with Canon which use to be top of the range, now they are just going downhill.... ><


I have/had 5 of these  printer/scanner model MP800.

Three were often used, one was backup and hardly used, one was kept in a box as a spare.

All always used with original canon ink.

It went well for many years, but the last 8 months all died with the same message: Type of print head  incorrect. the printer switches off and there is nothin9 to be done.

Even the new one, finally unboxed, died three months later with the same message.

Dont know whats happening, but it looks a bit like they are equiped, maybe unintentionally, with some preprogrammed "self  destruct".

Pity. They were ecellent printers, the new was was -well, new - and now they're all dead and I am left with a lot of inkcartridges.


Had the same problem on my trusty old MP610. Re-seated the ink heads, unplugged the power for 15 minutes, Switched back on and bingo! All good for a couple of prints then 'This type of print head is incorrrect...'
Unplugged the printer again then uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Plugged printer back in and now working like a charm for the last month or so.

I'm having the same issue with my pixma mg5420. I tried the instructions above however I don't have the green lever in which you spoke of. Please help

Same thing just happened to my MG5522 printer. Just cleaned the head with alcohol and still the same.

In my case it appears to have been a corrupt printer driver. Uninstall the print driver (download the latest) and re-install it.

Where do i go to do that?

Depends on your operating system. Google: uninstall printer driver win 10 or whatever operating system you have. Make sure your printer is turned off. Reboot your computer then turn on your printer. The driver should automatically load.


jJust had the same error on my MG5520 - incorrect print head.   After trying all the resetting of the print head, I found some information on Tom's Hardware involving an Epson Printer that had a start-up problem with a power surge.   The solution was to:


1. Disconnect power cords and USB / printer cords.


2. Hold the Power Button down, and then plug in the power cord to the outlet.


3. Release the Power Button and the printer will start up.


I used these instructions with my MG5520, and voila(!), the incorrect print head error disappeared and the printer returned to operation.


Don't know if there was a power surge issue initially.   However, after seeing how many users with the same error basically trash the printers...hopefully this will work for you.   Worked for me.

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