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Error Message is saying "Type of print head in incorrect. Install correct print head


I have tried resetting , power off, cleaned head.

Still errror message.


Printer in Over 2 years old.

Do I just need a new print head??


thank you!

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Hello nanciemd,

The community is eager to assist!  To ensure the most accurate information is provided, we’ll need to know the model of the printer you are using.  We look forward to hearing back from you!

Canon MP510

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello pd.


Please try the following to see if we can resolve your issue:


1.  Open the cover of the printer.

2.  Remove all ink tanks from the printer.

3.  Lift up the gray locking lever on the side of the ink tank holder.

4.  Gently remove the print head from the carriage unit.

5.  Place the print head back in and lock the lever down.

6.  Place all of the ink tanks back in the printer.

7.  Close the cover and turn the printer off.

8.  Unplug the power from the printer.  Leave the power unplugged for about 5-10 minutes.


Plug the power back in and turn the printer on.  If the error persists, please contact our support group using the link below for additional assistance with this issue.

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I have a mp 560  and I have the same error message. Please help

Hello Neva13,


If you've tried the procedures above and the error remains, please reach out to our technical support department through the link below for further assistance.





I am having the same issue with my Pixima MX712. I did call tech support and they recommended I buy a new printer. They had no other repair options other than removing the printhead, putting it back in and turning the printer off and on again. I already tried that per the software recommendations and it didn't work.

I've got the same message on my MP640.  From reading other people's responses it looks like this is not fixable and new printer has to be bought.  What a bunch of crapola!!!!  Not getting Canon again if this is the case

Thanks! This worked perfectly for me. I didn't have to power off, it just worked after reseating the printhead.

I have tried your suggestion of removing and replacing print head without success.

What next?

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