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PIXMA TR8520 Paper Feed Error 2114


I have a #TR8520 printer that I need help with. I am trying to print (off mac), and I keep getting #Error 2114 - "the size or type of paper loaded in the rear tray is different from the print setting."

I do not have paper in the rear tray, only the main cassette. I have tried registering the paper type multiple times, but it was already correct. I've tried removing the printer and re-adding it to my computer- no luck. I did this with and without the canon software, and it did not make a difference. I tried specifying the tray to feed from in the print menu on my computer, and it will not go through - it keeps changing back to the rear tray, even if I try to change it for the one specific print job. I've reset settings, restarted printer, everything I can think of and have found online and nothing works.

I was able to do a print test when I just re-added it using the software, and the print test came from the cassette tray with no issue at all.

Has anyone ever had this happen? I can't even figure out the cause of this - I just tried printing a few days ago and the error popped up. (no issues previously) What do I do?

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